31 minutes | Jan 5, 2020

How the World's Most Successful People View Fear

Fear is something that all of us deal with in our lives, at some point in time. However, the question is: how can we use it to energize us and not debilitate us? Sean Johnson sits down with Joe Gianni, President and CEO of 2logical, to discuss fear and how it can lead us to success if we use it the right way. Fear is often viewed as a very complex concept, when in fact, it is quite simple. There are two main ways that people handle fear: they either let it energize them, or they let it debilitate them. Energizers of fear use it to help them grow and push them to reach outside of their comfort zone. People who let fear debilitate them use fear as a way to stop any sort of progress and are likely to stay in the same exact place, where they are comfortable! Want to learn how to transform fear from being your enemy to being your friend? Check out Episode 30: “How the World's Most Successful People View Fear”. Show Notes 00:00:29- Intro 00:01:10- Where Does Fear Come From? 00:02:49-How Do People Deal With Fear? 00:06:20- Feeling Butterflies 00:09:01- The Best Way To Recognize Fear 00:13:03- Breaking Down Fear 00:16:54- Understanding The Possibilities And Outcomes 00:19:04- Affirmations When Using Fear To Energize 00:25:54- Golden Nuggets And Closing Thoughts
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