62 minutes | Jan 7, 2021

Healing Our Relationship With Food and Body With Lacou Flipse

Black women with eating disorders. We don’t hear these stories enough, but they are out there. On this episode of The Motif Podcast, Lacou Flipse shares her experience with healing from binging, dieting and restricting, and using her learnings from self-work to create Enlightened Munch, an enlightened eating and lifestyle coaching practice. Host Shanetta also opens up about her recovery from disordered eating, and both shed light on how self-acceptance and loving tools helped them along their journeys. Learn more about Lacou and Enlightened Munchhttps://www.enlightenedmunch.com/pleasure-eating Lacou on IG: @lacouflipseConnect with MotifInstagram: @ourmotifTwitter: @ourmotifFacebook: @ourmotifNewsletter sign-up: ourmotif.coRemember to subscribe and receive alerts on our upcoming episodes!
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