44 minutes | Mar 29th 2020

Episode 6- The lowdown on short prints

Jay and Justin discuss collecting in the COVID-19 era and take a deep dive into the Big 4 (including the elusive Honus Wagner treasure) and the other limited run cards (aka "short prints") in the T206 set. (Editor's note: This episode was recorded via Skype during the COVID-19 quarantine). Some recommended reading: Scot Reader's "Inside T206: A Collector’s Guide to the Classic Baseball Card Set": http://www.oldcardboard.com/t/t206/InsideT206-Centennial-edition.pdf http://t206resource.com/The%20Big%20Four.html http://www.thatt206life.com/2019/10/26/gettysburg-eddie-plank-and-his-t206-rarity-a-110-year-old-puzzle-solved/ https://prewarcards.com/2018/04/20/what-if-the-honus-wagner-t206-wasnt-a-short-print/
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