49 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

What It Takes To Build Treehouses | Django Kroner from The Canopy Crew

About Django Kroner Django moved to the Red River Gorge when he was 19 to pursue rock climbing. He was apprenticing with a timber frame cabin builder and ended up building a tree house 45 feet up that he lived in for 3 years. As he lived there he saw how his tree house inspired people. He realized that he needed to share the canopy experience, with everyone, and that’s when he decided to start The Canopy Crew. Since that day he has been dedicated to life in the trees. What You’ll Learn In this episode we talk about: How Django became interested in rock climbing, tree climbing, and treehousesStrategies for building treehouses that keep the tree healthyLiving in a treehouse for 3 years and eventually decided to take his tree-housing to the next levelStarting the Canopy Crew tree care and treehouse building companyBuilding a Geodome up in the airBuilding fully functional, running water treehouses vs. building remote treehousesThe complexity of building a cliff house on the red river gorgeHow the Canopy Crew helps other people with the legal side of tree-housingHow Django prices his treehouseThe growing pains Django experienced while starting a business Resources Check out The Canopy Crew #MoneyWin Holly– “6 years of slamming our loans is starting to pay off. It’s been an exhausting journey. I used to put more than half my income towards my loans every month and I used to feel guilty for buying myself clothes. I drove my last 2 cars until they broke down (literally) and I only gave myself $100 a month for fun spending. $78K loans combined between my husband and I and when we graduated in 2014. Now we only have $10K left to go!” #moneywin The post What It Takes To Build Treehouses | Django Kroner from The Canopy Crew appeared first on .
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