55 minutes | Apr 14, 2021

Hierarchy of Side Hustles | Jen Smith of Frugal Friends Podcast

About Jen Smith Jen Smith is a personal finance writer, creator of Modern Frugality, and co-host of Frugal Friends Podcast. What You’ll Learn In this episode we talk about: Co-hosting the Frugal Friends podcastContracting shingles from over-working on side hustlesPaying off $78,000 worth of student debt in less than 2 yearsRealizing she couldn’t side hustle her way out of debt and addressing unnecessary expensesUnderstanding why your bad spending habits existBurnout midway through paying off her debtCareer jumping from being an acupuncturist to a personal finance writerThe hierarchy of side hustlesDealing with shiny object syndrome and staying focusedDifferent specific side hustle ideasHow to make money in freelance writing Resources Listen to Frugal Friends Podcast Check out Jen’s Website #MoneyWin Stephanie– “When the pandemic hit last year I stopped paying on my credit cards. Three of them went to collections and I’ve been avoiding them. I settled two of them this month using my husband and my stimulus (one will be paid by July, the other in Jan. 2022). The third, I was able to lower my interest for a year to catch up which has been extremely helpful. The fourth, I will work on negotiating a settlement once I can save up a little more money. It feels so good to be getting back on track!” #moneywin The post Hierarchy of Side Hustles | Jen Smith of Frugal Friends Podcast appeared first on .
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