45 minutes | Nov 25, 2019

Ep115. Wisdom, Instagram & Motherhood with Actress, Matilda Brown

Welcome to episode 115 of The Monica Kade podcast. Today’s guest is Australian actress, writer and director, Matilda Brown. Matilda is best known for her TV series Let's Talk About, Lessons from the Grave which she both wrote and directed, and acted in. Both starring opposite her father Bryan Brown. And most recently feature film Palm Beach — also starring her dad, and directed by her mother, Rachel Ward alongside an impressive Australian cast. And on the topic of family, Matilda and her partner Scott Gooding, (who has also been on the show earlier this year) have just become parents to little Zan. Today we’re going to go behind the scenes of her upbringing, find out her journey into acting, talk creativity and what it’s like being a first time mum. My conversation with Matilda was really inspiring. I loved her honesty coupled with her willingness to follow what fuels her fire-and what doesn't! While you won't find her hanging about on The Gram, you can simply embody the message of truth that she shares and look inward to see if you're living the life you want to be. Or if you're following society's "shoulds" and "have to's". LEARN ABOUT What was it like to grow up in well-knowing acting family Did her parents encourage her to get into acting What she loves about acting What made her start writing and directing What’s changed her mind about the acting industry What it’s like being a new mum How she sees the world since becoming a mother Why she left social media What she’s gained from not being on social media SIGNATURE QUESTIONS If she wasn’t in her current career what she’d like to attempt? What she believes is her best asset? A piece of wisdom she lives by today?
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