41 minutes | Nov 12, 2019

Ep113. Want a Fulfilled Life? Answer Your Creative Calling, with Chase Jarvis

On Episode of 114 of The Monica Kade podcast, I’m sitting down with a truly incredible human being: Chase Jarvis. Aside from being a well-renowned photographer, Founder and CEO of CreativeLive—an online education platform that broadcasts live classes to an international audience on art, photography, design, marketing business and more—he also hosts The Chase Jarvis Live Show and has authored a handful of books. His most recent being Creative Calling. Oh, and he’s also survived a near death experience with an avalanche. As soon as I heard Chase speak on creativity I knew I had to get him on the show. The way he spoke about creativity, and creative expression resonated very much with how I see it. I feel like his take on creativity challenges the status quo and goes against what many people will tell you about your Creative Calling. His philosophy around being creative is: giving of ourselves freely, adding value and expecting nothing in return. Super powerful. What I love most about Chase is his genuine love to connect with people; his friendly and warm nature make you feel like you've known each other for years. Talking with Chase is like having a conversation with a dear friend over coffee. Take a listen to our chat—you’ll walk away empowered, and inspired to re-discover, or start following your creative call. I have no doubt around that. LEARN ABOUT How he go into photography and exited a career in medicine What it means to be Creative Where society had led us astray on creativity The never-linear path of pursuing our creative calling Why you must become okay with letting those around you down to truly follow your Creative Calling Intuition and your Creative Calling How to harness your creativity and work it like a muscle Why there’s no map for where you—or ANYONE— is going The crucial step most people miss when executing on their dreams The I.D.E.A acronym: what it means and how to use it The role mindset play in your creative expression The one piece of wisdom Chase lives by GRAB YOUR COPY OF CREATIVE CALLING HERE. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
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