32 minutes | Nov 5, 2019

Ep112. The Unexpected Dream: From Brain Surgery to Art to Artist in Demand with Claire Rackley

“I fought so hard to live and then I was having these thoughts about not wanting to live, and it didn’t make sense.” - Claire Rackley, Ep112 The Monica Kade Podcast. In episode 112 of The Monica Kade Podcast, I chat to Claire Rackley, an Australian Artist and Abstract Acrylic Painter. Her art intentionally provokes emotions of joy and peace through the use of bright colours and bold strokes. But she wasn’t always an artist as such. This particular career trajectory came to life after undergoing brain and spine surgery in 2015. Claire used her creativity as therapy to heal and recover from the trauma, but as time progressed people began to ask to purchase her artworks. She has an interest in mental health and how colour can impact a person and their emotions. What caught my attention with Claire was her love to impact those in the waiting and recovery rooms of hospitals and medical practices with beautiful tiles on the ceiling, in the hope it would impact their state of being. This woman is changing the world and making such a profound impact that I can’t wait to see how it ripples out into across the world. "Creativity brings life. No matter what industry you’re in, continue to create." - Claire Rackley LEARN ABOUT What Chiari 1 Malformation is and what it meant for her What it was like being a mother to young children and being diagnosed with this serious illness What the most challenging part of the experience was for her What Claire learned about herself from undergoing brain surgery and recovery How she’s had to adapt the way she lives her life The effect her diagnosis had on her children and her personally Where the inspiration for her artwork ceiling tiles came from How this creative idea has been received SIGNATURE QUESTIONS The career she’d like to attempt if not in this one Her greatest asset A piece of wisdom she lives by today
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