36 minutes | Oct 29, 2019

Ep111. You Don’t Have to Lose It All to Appreciate What You Have with Executive Chef, Matt Golinski

"We like to think we’re in control, but we’re totally not. You just have to appreciate the life you’ve got today and what you’re doing now." - Matt Golinski, Ep111. The Monica Kade Podcast In episode 111 of The Monica Kade Podcast, we sit down with highly regarded chef, Matt Golinski. He’s a warm and down-to-earth guy who’s got a deep love for food and cooking. His enthusiasm for his craft is truly inspiring. His passion for local produce and quality ingredients infuses our conversation. In fact, when Matt gets talking about food and in-season produce, your tastebuds will dance. Matt has founded his own catering company, been on the popular TV series, ‘Ready Steady Cook’,  and has worked as an Executive Chef at many leading Australian restaurants. Today, he lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and is a Consulting Chef to restaurants in the area. Matt loves writing his popular food columns and blog; and is a regular guest chef at festivals and events. In March 2018, Matt joined the Peppers Noosa Resort team as their Consultant Executive Chef, developing menus that consolidate his knowledge and love of the food producers in his region. The other part to Matt’s story is that in 2011, he lost his first wife, Rachel and three young daughters to a house fire. It’s a heartbreaking story, which can you can Google because rather than focusing on the details in this conversation, I wanted to discuss how Matt overcame such adversity. Take a listen to our conversation if you love food, produce, cooking or you want to be uplifted. It’s a conversation that’ll remind you to follow what you love and treat every moment as a special occasion. LEARN ABOUT The farm he grew up on and when he realised he wanted to become a chef How food was regarded in his family growing up How he’s creating community and connection in his household What his chef leadership style is really like His food philosophy he aims to impart with his audience The behind the scenes of catering to food intolerances and allergies in today’s modern world His favourite cuisine to create Whether he loves to cook at home just as much as at work How Matt navigated the first few weeks after the house fire, waking up badly burnt in hospital  The emotional and physical journey post the event What kept him going when he didn’t want to be alive How he continues to foster a strong mindset up until today How the heart-breaking experience has changed his life perspective SIGNATURE QUESTIONS The one recipe Matt would leave the world with What he believes is his greatest asset A piece of wisdom he lives by today FOLLOW MATT ON SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: @MATTGOLINSKI Facebook: MATT GOLINSKI OFFICIAL
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