38 minutes | Oct 22, 2019

Ep110. Be Yourself In Business with CEO Coco Luxe, Jodie Evins

"Empower yourself by knowing you can do whatever it is you want to do, but you don't have to do everything...Know where your 'no line' is." - Jodie Evins, Ep110 The Monica Kade Podcast Joining me for episode 110 is Jodie Evins, the CEO and Founder of Coco Luxe, a range of premium fortified coconut waters made from 100% single origin coconuts and uplifted with nature’s best health-boosting properties. Unlike other coconut water companies on the market, Jodie is the only woman to lead the way in the budding coconut water industry in Australia . After over 15 years in marketing executive and managerial roles working with the likes of Audi, Coca-Cola, Nike, Paramount and Fairfax Media, Jodie went on to bring her revolutionary range to market, bridging the gap between the beverage and supplement markets. She’s a woman carving her own path and a real go-getter. I really loved her wisdom for fellow mothers, who are juggling kids, family and career. Her words were very empowering. Listen to the podcast, or watch the conversation below. LEARN ABOUT At what age her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in Her humorous story about starting a surf tour business with her then boyfriend What the journey of bringing Coco Luxe to market has involved What inspired her to infuse her coconut waters with vitamins How she carved out bespoke branding that stood out from her competitors Why sustainable business is important to Jodie How and what she teaches her children about business Her message for others starting a business they love Know where your "No line" is SIGNATURE QUESTIONS What career she’d attempt if not in this one What she believes is her greatest asset A piece of wisdom she lives by
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