35 minutes | Sep 17, 2019

Ep105. From Masterchef contestant, to private chef, to starting leading almond milk brand, Almo with CEO, Linda Monique

“An idea can take you anywhere.” — Linda Monique, CEO Almo Milk. Ep105 The Monica Kade Podcast Welcome to Episode 105 of The Monica Kade podcast. This week’s woman to watch is Linda Monique the CEO and Founder of Almo Milk, Australia’s most premium, 100% grown and made, long-life almond milk. Before establishing Almo, Linda lived many lives. She studied Commerce and Arts at the University of Melbourne, she’s lived in Milan and London, lectured in food design, and dabbled in being a private chef for a number of A-List celebrities and high net worth individuals. She’s also been on Masterchef, a TED speaker and won the 2018 Telstra Young Business Awards. In 2015, her autoimmune condition worsened and she was forced to focus on making drastic, yet positive lifestyle changes. To strengthen her immune system, Linda began consuming plant-based milks, and realised that every product was full of additives, and this is where we begin our Almo conversation. Learn About Why she chose to study commerce and arts Her travels to Milan and London, and how these came about How she fell into becoming a private chef How being hospitalised with an autoimmune condition was possibly a blessing  Why she started Almo, and how the idea came to her Her greatest challenge in launching Almo to market The most rewarding aspect of creating and running Almo The number one thing she wants you (consumers) to know about Almo Milk Signature Questions If she wasn’t in her current career, what she’d attempt What she believes is her greatest asset  A piece of wisdom she’s self acquired or been given that she lives by today
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