16 minutes | Sep 10, 2019

Ep104. How this 6-year old entrepreneur is changing the world through glitter with Sienna Roocroft

Welcome to Episode 104 of The Monica Kade Podcast, today’s guest is Sienna Roocroft. She’s a 6 year old entrepreneur who recently launched her first business, No Little Glitter. When her mum Sarah Nally, asked her what problem she wanted to solve in the world, Sienna said: Stop war and help the refugees. Sienna saw glitter as a way to make lives brighter, the planet cleaner and contribute to lifting the vibration of consciousness. Well, that’s my take, she doesn’t quite know that yet. My youngest ever guest on the podcast, and definitely a young woman to keep to watch! LEARN ABOUT Why Sienna wants to stop war and help the refugees How it makes her feel hearing about war and the refugees What she loves about glitter How she came up with her business name How she designed and developed the No Litter Glitter logo What it’s like for Sienna to have her first business What she wants the world to know about No Litter Glitter The most exciting thing about having a business at 6-years old Sienna got all dressed up for our podcast episode, but we didn't record video, but here's a snapshot of her and her friend Tilly all glammed up! GET YOUR NO LITTER GLITTER HERE! NoLitterGlitter.com 
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