34 minutes | Sep 3, 2019

Ep103. You'll regret not pursuing what you wanted to with Amanda Lacount, 18-year old Professional Dancer ft Katy Perry, Ellen Show, The Voice...

“Even though it’ll be really hard now and it feels impossible and you want to give up. Giving up will be easier. And yeah, you might feel better. And that feeling will only be there for so long and in 15 years you’re going to look back, or meet someone that’s doing what you wanted to do—and you’re going to regret not pursuing what you really wanted to.” — Amanda LaCount, Ep103. The Monica Kade Podcast On Episode 103 of The Monica Kade Podcast, we’re joined by Amanda LaCount. A well known hip hop dancer, choreographer, model, and influencer. Some of her most notable performances include The Ellen Show, Meghan Trainor, Katy Perry, DWTS, The Voice, and her National Dance Tour "Amanda LaCount Live". She’s also performed in a bunch of professional musical production. Originally from Colorado, she grew up with 6 other siblings and was raised by her mum. During that time, she was also a competitive figure skater and qualified for Nationals. One of her latest and truly inspiring projects is #breakingthestereotype™: a movement/hashtag she started which promotes body positivity and the belief that any "body" can be a dancer. She’s breaking the stereotype that all dancers must be tall, thin and blonde. Her philosophy is "If you love it, do it. It's as simple as that." LEARN ABOUT What it was like to grow up in a big family How she got into figure skating How old she was when she discovered her love for dance How she navigated her teenage years with the natural mental, physical and emotional chalenges One of the biggest personal challenges she’s had to overcome to grow her self-confidence How she got hired to dance for Katy Perry Who Amanda wants to dance for; the person on top of her dance bucket list What #breakingstereotypes movement is and what inspired itat you’d like too? Amanda’s advice for those questioning their dreams or having a moment of “I quit” Signature Questions The career she’d attempt if not in this one The greatest piece of wisdom she lives by today What she believes is her greatest asset
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