29 minutes | Aug 27, 2019

Ep102. How Apple Cider Vinegar Transformed My Life (and became my business) with Pip Summerville, Founder Tonik

In Episode 102 of The Monica Kade Podcast, I sat down with Pip Summerville; the Founder and Creative Director of Tonik, an all-natural health capsule company, with a no-fluff approach to feeling good. Tonik was founded in 2016 by pip from the desire to make natural health supplements easier and more convenient for the health conscious consumer—but first and foremost it was the solution to a personal problem. With the help of her pharmacist father, Glenn, they went on to create the much loved Tonik brand. LEARN ABOUT What it was like being a professional athlete growing up How and why Pip developed an unhealthy relationship with food  The impact that disordered eating had on her sports career and personal life Hear about the special relationship she has with her dad and its role in her upbringing How apple cider vinegar played a big role in her life How the Tonik business idea came to life Behind the scenes of Tonik’s creation phase, to where it is today How Tonik received Goop’s (Gwenyth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand) seal of approval The Base Agency, her second business and how it supported the development of Tonik How she juggles two businesses and family SIGNATURE QUESTIONS What career Pip would attempt if not in this one What she believes is her greatest asset A piece of wisdom she’s been given or acquired through life experience that she lives by
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