13 minutes | Nov 16th 2020

28_The Mom Stops Here™: How To Overcome Overcompensating

In today's episode of The Mom Stops Here™, I share about the pattern of Overcompensating. Specifically, I cover what it is where it comes from how to overcome it (without overcompensating)   Your awareness of what triggers overcompensating behavior will help you address triggers that could be sabotaging your relationship with your daughter and your business progress and entrepreneurial pursuits.   Today's episode is part of a Moms & Mompreneurship series entitled: How To Have  MOMM-Mindset For Business™.   Make sure to DOWNLOAD this episode and share it with your friends. ____________________________   Click HERE for the FREE "The Life Mirror Remedy Tip Sheet" Give you 5 Key Questions to that will unlock the door to your decreasing worry, stress, & guilt so that you can experience freedom and transformation in your life. Click HERE for The Nurture To Convert Society Resource. You'll learn how to generate $2K to $3K of monthly income based on your business idea. _____________________________   LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW Apple ITunes GooglePlay Spotify Stitcher
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