50 minutes | Jun 30, 2021

#30 - Jenni's Coming Out Story Part Two: Life on Guam, Conversion Therapy, and the Decade after Leaving Fundamentalism

Today we’re continuing our conversation with Jenni, an alum from Bob Jones University. If you haven’t listened to Part One, we highly recommend going back to hear Jenni's story from the beginning. She explained to us many of the rules enforced by the school and how challenging it was for Jenni to come out as a queer. Jenni going to share with us what it was like to undergo years of conversion therapy, what led her to leave fundamentalism, and how she learned to embrace her true self as a queer woman.Topics in this episode include abuse, mental health difficulties, and other mature themes, so listener discretion is advised.This is the last episode of Season 2 of The Modesty Files! Thank you once again to all the incredible people that we’ve spoken to this year and the supporters we’ve connected with along the way. We’ll be back in September for Season Three, so in the meantime, please to leave us a rating or review wherever you listen to your podcasts, follow us on Instagram and support us over on Patreon to get access to bonus segments throughout the summer.And one final thank you to our female power squad: Allison, Amanda, Caroline, Emma, Kelsey, Janelle, Jessica, Savannah, and Sophie for helping us bring season two to life.Support us on Patreon! patreon.com/themodestyfilesFollow us on Instagram @themodestyfiles for updates and bonus content.
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