10 minutes | Dec 6, 2018

A Brief Introduction to the ModernXY

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the ModernXY AKA Modern Male. My name is Bryan Devolder and I am the host and founder of the ModernXY.  The following episode is an introduction to the ModernXY.  I briefly go into detail about myself, my background and professional experiences. I also touch upon the purpose of the blog and podcast as well as what kind of content I will be covering in future episodes. Moreover, I cover what and who inspired me to create the podcast. For the sake of brevity, I kept it short and only mentioned the crucial bits. If you are interested in getting to know the ModernXY better, There are a number of lifestyle, fitness, personal finance, and style articles available on the website. The articles will give you a better idea of the scope, tone and focus of the podcast/blog. You can also learn more about me and the nature of the blog/podcast on the about me and introduction pages. I look forward to hearing from you. Bryan D.
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