76 minutes | Dec 11, 2017

EP: 063 – Cultivating awareness and intuition that informs your creativity, making films that create impact with Steven Knapp

“Perception is reality.” “Your response defines you in the world.” Those are two thoughts shared by our guest on the podcast on this episode, Emmy Award winning film-maker, Steven Knapp. Steven runs his own creative agency and multimedia production company, knapptimecreative, where he’s done work with folks such as the iconic rock band Kansas, Big Machine Label Group, Nashville Songwriters Association International, and many others. On this episode Jon and Steven discuss the deep importance of cultivating presence and awareness in yourself, being mindful of the ideas and the media that you engage with, being in touch with your intuition, how this informs your creativity, and ultimately the impact of your work. This episode goes really deep with thought-provoking ideas on not only how to make an impact with your art, but also how to be the best version of yourself possible. Jon and Steven also talk about some of the technical aspects of creating great work, such as the importance of the editing process (in film-making) and how to keep your story from falling apart, the arc of a powerful narrative, and the importance of knowing the purpose and intention of every project you work on. To follow up with Steven, find out more about his work, and get in touch with him about working with him, check out these links: knapptimecreative Website: http://knapptimecreative.com/ knapptimecreative on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/knapptimecreative knapptimecreative on Instagram: @knapptimecreative knapptimecreative on Twitter: @knaptimecreate // Check out our brand new website! We’ve got a brand new website! These final weeks of 2017 have not only seen the relaunch of The Modern Recordist podcast, but also the launch of our website… http://modernrecordist.com Hit that link, and jump over to the brand new site to scope it out. While there, make sure you put your email address into any of the forms you will find on the site, and we’ll make sure you never miss an episode. We’ve got a whole bunch of new episodes coming to you through the end of 2017, with great guests sharing more inspiring stories and insights on living a life of making and recording music. You don’t wanna miss any of it.
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