90 minutes | Nov 20, 2017

EP: 060 – Creating a rock opera with Tim Zimmermann

“It’s one thing to create art, but a whole other thing to create art that reaches people, and is something people can identify with.” “Art is the by-product, and it’s really the development you’ve had as a person, that is the biggest take-away.” Those are two thought-provoking ideas shared by our guest today. On this episode of The Modern Recordist, we have musician, songwriter, artist, and theatrical visionary, Tim Zimmermann. Jon and Tim have worked together in the past, when Tim’s band Zasz sought out Jon to produce a record with them in late 2012. Since that time, Jon and Tim have stayed in touch, and served as creative inspiration to one another. Currently, Tim is working on the creation of a rock opera, which will be a live theatrical performance, and will also have a graphic novel element to it. On this episode, Jon and Tim explore many ideas and conversations around creativity, the artistic and cultural aspects of music making, and how the internet and technology have an impact on an artist’s creative psychology. Some of the specifics include: •Creativity and it’s role in innovation-whether in art, athletics, or tech •Spending time with other creatives to open up your flow •Building a team, and putting yourself around people with high expectations •Taking artistic risks •Working to understand the human condition through art To follow up with Tim, get more info on the rock opera he is creating, and find out when it will be available, click or tap on over to The Interstellar Healer website: http://theinterstellarhealer.carrd.co To take a listen to the record Jon produced for Tim’s band Zasz – The Transition – click or tap on over to their Bandcamp page: zaszmusic.bandcamp.com // Check out our brand new website! We’ve got a brand new website! These final weeks of 2017 have not only seen the relaunch of The Modern Recordist podcast, but also the launch of our website… http://modernrecordist.com Hit that link, and jump over to the brand new site to scope it out. While there, make sure you put your email address into any of the forms you will find on the site, and we’ll make sure you never miss an episode. We’ve got a whole bunch of new episodes coming to you through the end of 2017, with great guests sharing more inspiring stories and insights on living a life of making and recording music. You don’t wanna miss any of it.
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