89 minutes | Nov 6, 2017

EP: 058 – Being a improvisational DIY performer, musician, and artist with Rob Flax

On this episode, Jon hangs out with artist, musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, performer, and educator, Rob Flax. Jon met Rob in late August during the CD Baby DIY Musician’s Conference that came through Nashville. Rob played a couple sets at some of the conference afterparties, and showcased an improvisational style of performance that interacted with the audience. It was fun to watch, and Jon decided he wanted to dig in more over a podcast conversation. This is episode 4 out of a series of 5 episodes recorded around the DIY Musician’s Conference. Rob and Jon talk about: • Building a career around being a DIY musician and artist • How new models for media and business have changed the way music is made, marketed, and shared • Rob’s unique style of performance art and improvisational musicianship • How Rob approaches education and teaching others to become great musicians • Rob’s concept of “COGIAD” • The concept of “Orchestrating for cognition” that Rob learned from one of his teachers • The importance of music education on your brain and intellect • The impact of artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Reggie Watts, Stevie Wonder, John Hartford, among others Check out the new record “Distractible Boy” by Rob Flax available now via his website, as well as all the major outlets where music is available these days: http://robflax.com Rob Flax on Facebook Twitter: @robflax Instagram: @robflax Snapchat: @robflaxmusic // Check out our brand new website! We’ve got a brand new website! These final weeks of 2017 have not only seen the relaunch of The Modern Recordist podcast, but also the launch of our website… http://modernrecordist.com Hit that link, and jump over to the brand new site to scope it out. While there, make sure you put your email address into any of the forms you will find on the site, and we’ll make sure you never miss an episode. We’ve got a whole bunch of new episodes coming to you through the end of 2017, with great guests sharing more inspiring stories and insights on living a life of making and recording music. You don’t wanna miss any of it.
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