98 minutes | Jul 13, 2020

The Evolution of A Band: Night Argent Part 1 (Touring)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go on tour as a band? Maybe you’re just starting out and it’s a dream you’re aspiring to, or it could be something you relate to already. People have ideas about being “discovered”, winning American Idol and being bombarded with fame and flashy tour buses. How much of that is true, and what are the misconceptions we have about band life? On this episode of Modern Mixdown, I’m talking to Chase Thompson of the band Night Argent. Not only is Chase lucky enough to be a part of this Washington rock band, but he also has the great fortune of being my closest friend. Today, we’re sharing our experiences of band life, from humble beginnings through flashy tours. We’ll take you on a journey through the evolution of one band, and tell you what it’s really like being part of a group of musicians living on the road, and navigating the complexities of the music business. Some Questions I Ask:How did this band begin for you? (06:05)What did you originally think the band was going to be versus what it’s actually become? (12:40)Tell us about the “speed bump” you encountered as a band (01:07:07)What’s coming up next? (01:27:18)What’s your favorite tour memory? (01:33:29)In This Episode, You’ll Learn:About the band's first, Craigslist refurb tour bus (18:33)The identity of their first tour bus driver (19:34)The phenomenon of “carpilepsy”(21:02)Why consistency in a band’s image is important (30:53)About post-tour depression (55:31) See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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