38 minutes | Jun 21st 2020

"The Murder of George Floyd Pt 2" with John Morrison and Josh Indi Leidy

The Murder of George Floyd has sparked an international wave of reconsideration and doubt over many things. Many things that we may have considered as normal.

The main one has been around the idea of policing. What does policing look like in the modern world? And is it broken? And do we even need it? Questions that not only question the role of one of the most established institutions that we have, but questions that break open what systemic racism looks like in the US, Canada, and throughout the world. 

Most importantly, I have to recognize that this has been a cultural moment that started in the US. So I wanted to speak to people to John Morrison (@John_Liberator) and Josh Indy Leidy (@Indi_SRS) about not only the wave shift, the idea of police abolition, but also their fight to remove a Philadelphia acknowledgment of Frank Rizzo.