40 minutes | Jan 4, 2021

Model FA Season 4 Episode 04 |The Art and Skill of Conversation: no longer be inadequate in conversations

Our president, David DeCelle sat down to talk all about Conversations with Ivan Farber. This show is a 2 part-episode about the art and tactics of being a successful conversationist. Ivan shares tips about monitoring your engagement and gives the listener tools to help you grow your ability to have a rewarding conversation. What's the level of rapport? Do they like what's happening?Do they trust what's happening? Would they like you? More Episode Details  Did you like this conversation? Then leave us a rating and a review in whatever podcast player you use. We would love your feedback, and your ratings help us reach more advisors with ideas for growing their practices, attracting great clients, and achieving a better quality of life. While you are there, feel free to share your ideas about future podcast guests or topics you’d love to see covered. If you like this podcast, you will love our community! Join the Model FA Community on Facebook to connect with like-minded advisors and share the day-to-day challenges and wins of running a growing financial services firm.
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