38 minutes | May 31, 2021

Stupid Good Ideas for Fixes Football Doesn't Need | NFL Deep Dive

With summer getting underway, and the "NFL preview" calendar about to kick into gear, Jenny, Conor and Gary take one last chance to have some fun. Some *real* fun. We're going to rescue football before it falls into the kind of rut we see in other sports.

 We’ll discuss doink points and the Rammstein-soundtracked narrow uprights, make-it-take-it two-point conversions and endless games, the coaches' nightmare that is spot-and-choose, a chance for trolling, and a very Greg Schiano tale of defending victory formation.

 Then, be there podcasting history as, for the first time ever, the Orracle comes to the Monday Morning Podcast. We discuss where Julio Jones should land and where he will land. (Julio Jones, our phone lines remain open to you.)

 Plus, the upcoming weekend of board games and why Sorry will forever tear families apart everywhere.

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