58 minutes | Jun 28, 2021

Spiking the Punch in the NFC West | NFL Deep Dive

The Division Preview Series moves on to the bluebloods of the NFC West, where all the most interesting QB-coach marriages live.

What do Jenny, Conor and Gary make of the upgrade from Jared Goff to Matthew Stafford? Does this ramp up the pressure on Sean McVay? Does Les Snead catch some heat if a thin defense falls apart? And is anything less than a Super Bowl acceptable for the Rams?

A look at Trey Lance and all the many reasons this isn't like the RG3-Kyle Shanahan setup in Washington. Examining the Seahawks' search for answers with a Russell Wilson-centric offense, and finding a solution for Jamal Adams on defense. And does Kliff Kingsbury's offense have anything beyond a cool name—and could Rondale Moore be the alcohol that spikes the red Kool-Aid?

Plus, our preseason poll for order of finish, a division preview Mad Libs-style, Conor's anti-bucket list, lots of powdered beverages and so much more.

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