49 minutes | Jun 7, 2021

Julio Trade: The Uplifting and Sometimes Depressing Takes | NFL Deep Dive

Jenny, Conor and Gary start things off with every conceivable take on the Julio Jones trade: The positives for the Titans, trying to figure out the Falcons' plan, one coach who is simultaneously thrilled and maybe a little terrified, and much, much more.

And before we get into more serious topics, a conversation about the week's two silliest headlines, starting with Tua and the playbook. What does it mean when a second-year quarterback says on a Zoom call that he has a better grasp of the playbook? And how would opening locker rooms to (vaccinated) journalists be a step toward avoiding such silly controversies in the future?

Then, the goings-on in Chicago, where apparently a promise made in March to Andy Dalton is being treated as an unbreakable contract in June. Why the Bears will absolutely not be starting Dalton when the season begins if he doesn't outplay Justin Fields this summer.

Plus, a deeper look into the mess the league has made for itself when it comes to Toradol usage and race-norming in the concussion settlement. And why it’s taking them far too long to do the right thing.

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