73 minutes | Aug 30, 2021

Furrowing Our Brows at Jameis Winston and Urban Meyer | NFL Deep Dive

With the preseason winding down, Jenny, Conor and Gary take a trip around the league to review major storylines and visit some big deals that went down—and didn’t go down—this summer.First, the Saints quarterback situation has been settled. For now. Probably. Why Jameis Winston got the job, and whether or not he can avoid the kind of absurd interceptions that cost him QB1 in Tampa. Then, a discussion of the rocky few weeks for Urban Meyer is having in Jacksonville, and how it changes the outlook for the Jaguars in the short- and long-term.Also, the curious case of Jamal Adams and his contract extension after some red flags popped up during his first season in Seattle, and a discussion of what’s next for Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield.Finally, in the series premiere of Law & Order: 272 Games, Gary and Jenny tell Conor precisely where he went wrong in his prediction of every NFL regular-season game.Have a question for the show? Email themmqb@gmail.com or tweet at @GGramling_SI, @JennyVrentas or @ConorOrr Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
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