70 minutes | Feb 19th 2017

The Mix Cave - EP 4 - Dat Bass feat Jordan Brown

Hello! and welcome to The Mix Cave Podcast the show for recording nerds and musicians hosted by Graham "Soundbeard" Waller released every Monday on what we are calling #mixcavemondays. This episode is dedicated to all things low end. By that I mean bass guitar from the perspective of myself and session player, composer and producer Jordan Brown. Take a listen and of course we welcome your feedback. Drop us an email at themixcave@grahamwaller.com, visit our website www.grahamwaller.com or visit us on social. We want to hear your thoughts on how we can make this podcast better for all of you lovely listeners out there. Keep on trackin' and enjoy. Note: Apologies for the odd echo on the track. Jordan was listening to my end of the Skype call through monitors instead of headphones. You can get in touch with Jordan Brown via: Twitter - @ trtzbass Website - www.jordanbrown.co.uk Instagram - @trtzbass
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