77 minutes | May 17, 2020

How to Create and Give Powerful and Memorable Live Virtual Presentations with Brian Fanzo

My guest this week is digital futurists, keynote speaker, virtual event host expert and Emcee, Brian Fanzo. He’s going to show you how to create and give powerful, unique and memorable live videos and virtual presentations.

Because everyone is jumping on live video, it’s important to know what works and even more important, what doesn’t. Not only will Brian share the right mindset you need to have when it comes to going live, he’ll also share exactly how to tap into the power of live video, using new approaches, services and emotional storytelling techniques, to communicate your message, make your point and add value, while creating memorable and shareable experiences.

Connect with Brian at https://BrianFanzo.com and enjoy all the past and upcoming episodes of Mitch’s podcast at http://MitchJacksonPodcast.com

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