35 minutes | Nov 7, 2017

003- The Power of Prayer and Financial Support in Missions

A practical, actionable discussion with Bill Evans, head of One Mission Society's Men for Missions department.   Bill has helped send out over 10,000 short term mission participants and has much wisdom to share on the topics of mission trip planning, fundraising, preparation, travel tips and more.  Bill has been a missionary with One Mission Society (OMS) for more than 15 years with an incredible story of following God’s call on his life to missions.   Men for Missions - the layman’s voice of OMS - strives to send out short-term teams (of men and women) from all over the US to support the work of the OMS missionaries around the world. They do this through work and witness groups, evangelism, medical, and prayer teams. Bill’s job is to work with people from the US and match them up with a specific short-term trip. He works on all logistical details that go into a short-term trip of great significance. In addition to that Bill helps train and prepare the team members before they depart, then follows up with them after their journey so they have an opportunity to report what they saw God do in and through them as they served. In this episode we dive into: The Power of Prayer support (how helps with fundraising for the trip) How to overcome culture shock Learn the best formula for writing a successful fundraising support letter 3 questions and one key phrase that need to be in every good support letter Favorite (and least favorite) airports  Bill's top travel tip - great for any leader and traveler Connect with Bill and Men for Missions, of OMS: https://www.facebook.com/menformissions/ http://menformissions.org/ https://www.onemissionsociety.org/    
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