63 minutes | Nov 10, 2013

Show 47 Beaches and Dream Girls

For episode 47 we want to share with you a review of Beaches and Cream as well as luxury weekend "dreaming" trip to Walt Disney World so hello, welcome and enjoy the show! As our lovely Kimmie is away at Walt Disney World at the moment, friend of the show Jayne Phipps has stepped in and co-incidently whilst at WDW this summer Jayne and I met up and recorded some live audio of our families valiant attempt at the kitchen sink travel at Beaches and Cream so we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to share this with you all. Then we set our sights on a dream weekend break and as you what would you do? How would you spend a weekend at our favourite happy place if money was no object. This is exactly what I set Jayne and we share her plans with you on the show though alas it was all a dream as I was too tight with the cash to send her off to do this challenge in person! Myself and Kimmie would like to take a moment to welcome listeners new and old back to our old feed, after the past few months having the show part of the Touring Plans Podcast Network, and hope you will bear with us through the transition. Ways to contact us twitter @theminnieminxesFacebook like our page The Minnie Minxes Disney Podcastemail minnieminxesdisneypodcast@gmail.com 
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