55 minutes | Dec 16, 2020

EP 004 Mike Reedy: Letting Your Business Tell You To Grow

Mike Reedy is a self-made business success who went from swinging a hammer to overseeing hundreds of workers. He knows how to build something great. Mike is a natural entrepreneur, who by age 20 had opened his own electronics store and grew it into the biggest cell phone retailer in the region. He then moved into real estate, accumulating and flipping properties—and learning the ins and outs of the home industry along the way.  

By 2005, Mike realized he could combine his management and customer service experience with his home-building knowledge, and found his niche. While many contractors have a narrow range of knowledge, he had a wealth of insight on the numerous categories of home exteriors. Working right alongside his crews, Mike began constructing a business that specialized in quality exterior work but also customer service—advising homeowners on when to repair v. replace, and the value of their different options, especially the savings when combining multiple projects such as roofs and gutters.  

The business took off, and in 2013, Quality Built Exteriors broke its first million. By 2018, Mike was doing over $4 million in sales. Over 60 percent of his business is from repeat customers, which confirms Mike has created a winning formula. 

In our discussion we explored letting your business tell you to grow.

Here are some of the other beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

●    How a good salesman can help turn a business around and make more profit.

●    Why business owners must know the life span of their business and when to exit.

●    How it’s important to have customers who are the right fit for your business.

●    Why it’s vital to focus on the relationship and doing the right thing for customers.

●    How having a marketing system in place will only benefit your business.

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