38 minutes | Jun 1st 2020

This Man is an Island - And What They Can Teach Us, ft. James Ellsmoor

What can we learn from islands? Especially in the age of virtual events and supply chain disruptions, quite a bit.

James Ellsmoor, Director at Island Innovation, joins the Minerals Manhattan Project to share lessons in sustainable development from islands.

Islands present an interesting case where electricity is sometimes orders of magnitude more expensive than other locations, even though income is lower. This theoretically provides an incentive to innovate more quickly, because high energy costs should make new technologies economically viable more quickly.

In practice though, islands are a case study in short term action that can be detrimental to the development of long term sustainability. Small populations make it difficult to deliver government services such a healthcare because of lack of scale. Food dependency and vulnerability to natural disasters are also weaknesses highlighted in the current environment.

James's experience bringing islands together via virtual summits has also come to be an in demand skill set in this age of seemingly endless zoom meetings and seminars. James shares the psychology behind creating a virtual summit that can allow participation and connection even from behind a screen.

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