30 minutes | Nov 22, 2020

9. HOW TO: Love the Voice You Have

The first in the "How To" Series, How to Love the Voice You Have shares two things you can start with TODAY, to start seeing and FEELING changes in your voice. First, an exercise to get yourself to FOCUS on what your voice feels like in a normal, healthy state and second, permission to explore your voice in all the sounds you admire coming from other people. Mentions: Whitney Nichole at Singing Straw - www.singingstraw.com (@singingstraw)Jacob's Vocal Academy - YouTube, Apple Music and Google MusicRoger Love - www.rogerlove.comKimberly Kamacho - @kimjcamachoContact: ask@mindfulvoiceusers.comFacebook and Instagram:@mindfulvoiceusersWebsite: www.mindfulvoiceusers.comWant to support?:  www.patreon.com/mindfulvoiceusersRecorded, edited and mixed at Sampsongs Studio, Johannesburg, South Africa. Music: "When You Move" (Instrumental Version) by Stonekeepers, Epidemic Sound
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