35 minutes | Oct 11, 2020

3. The Power of the Present

CORRECTION: 03:50 - I'm referring to Deuteronomy which is in the OLD Testament and not the New Testament. Slip of the tongue here. I started Mindful Voice Users as a platform for us to gather science-, health- and faith-based information and for me to encourage what I believe to be a more valuable and impactful approach to using our voices within the church, as the church and also as occupational voice users in the world in the general. A really large part of healthy vocal practice depends on awareness of the body, awareness of the mind and awareness of the immediate situation we find ourselves in. This is mindfulness. This is being present. Now, I know that the word “mindfulness” has been thrown around a lot lately. I think a lot of christians are wary of the term simply because it’s also used in other religions and New Age practices. And sadly, because one might be wary of the word itself, one might decide to avoid the action altogether which I think is quite a shame. Today, I’d like to talk about the importance of being intentionally present as a voice user and how the practice of mindfulness, in a biblical way, can be incredibly helpful in improving both vocal health and vocal performance. Contact: ask@mindfulvoiceusers.comFacebook and Instagram: @mindfulvoiceuserswww.mindfulvoiceusers.comWant to support?: www.patreon.com/mindfulvoiceusersEpisode mentions: Dr Caroline Leaf - @drcarolineleaf, www.drleaf.comDr Debbie Smith - @dr_debbie_smith, www.drdebbie.co.zaPastor Tom Inglis - Psalmody International - Sydney Life Church @tom_inglis- the book referred to is called "Worship Heals" Recorded, edited and mixed at Sampsongs Studio, Johannesburg, South Africa. Music: "Archipelagos" by Blue Steel, Epidemic Sound
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