58 minutes | Dec 20, 2020

13. HOW TO: Eat (a guide for speakers and singers)

Just in time for the Festive Season, an extra length, complete guide to approaching diet as a Mindful Voice User. Spoiler alert: You're allowed to do whatever you want! In this hour long episode in the HOW TO series, we discuss the basic anatomy of the voice and the digestive system and we look at the top foods and drinks that people ask about when it comes to vocal use.Episode mentions: Jen Taverner @highnotehealth Contact: ask@mindfulvoiceusers.comFacebook and Instagram:@mindfulvoiceusersWebsite: www.mindfulvoiceusers.comWant to support?:  www.patreon.com/mindfulvoiceusersRecorded, edited and mixed at Sampsongs Studio, Johannesburg, South Africa. Music:  "Space Soup" by Ealot, Epidemic Sound
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