28 minutes | Sep 27, 2020

1. The Voice and Vulnerability

There are two things I find myself connecting almost everything I’ve learned about the voice to. No matter what the information, somehow, I always manage to route it back to these two things: Vulnerability and Tension. Both topics, especially when used at the basis of a “solution” or even as a resource, they seem incredibly simple. But honestly, I think these two subjects have got to be some of the most consistently challenging things we deal with as voice users. Today, I thought I’d chat a little bit about vulnerability - how I think it applies in mindful voice use, why, and maybe just lay a bit of a foundation on the subject so you’ll have a decent introduction to it for when you ever hear me refer to it in the future. Obviously, that means I’ll need to chat about tension as well. But, I think we can save that talk for another episode. SHARE YOUR STORY OR ASK A QUESTION: ask@mindfulvoiceusers.comRecorded, edited and mixed at Sampsongs Studio, Johannesburg South AfricaMusic: "When We Move" by Far Orange, Epidemic Sound
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