53 minutes | May 7, 2021

EP#275 - Gamify Your Life

In this episode, I had a blast interviewing Will Moore. Will has a method of gamifying your life to build momentum and so much more. In this episode, he shares his story of how he ended doing what he loves at this moment in his life and the processes he has utilized to improve his life to higher levels by focusing on 5 core areas of one's life. This is an episode you don't want to miss... Check it out and let us know what your biggest takeaway is from the episode! Who is Will Moore? Will Moore is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, life coach, and happiness expert. After exiting his delivery startup for $323 million in 2019, Will confirmed what he’d spent the past 25 years researching: True happiness isn’t about money, power, and fame, it’s about figuring out what makes you happy and taking consistent action on those things every single day. To do this, Will has thrown out the book on traditional self-improvement, creating instead a unique system that reduces friction by combining the latest in science and technology with habits and universal principles: gamifying the process of building momentum. Will's company, Moore Momentum, is addressing the “Social Dilemma” by vowing to always put its users’ wellness over profit and give self-help a seat at the cool kid's table by making it fun and addictive to level up not just on-screen, but in real life. Moore Momentum centers on helping people hold themselves accountable and take the necessary action to replace their “failure habits” with “success habits” in the 5 core areas of their life: Mindset, Career & Finances, Relationships, Physical Health, and Emotional Health & Giving Back. Will is committed to helping people fire on all cylinders on their way to becoming an unstoppable force so they can then pay it forward to help the world do the same! How to Connect? Website: www.mooremomentum.com/ LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mooremomentum/ Twitter: www.twitter.com/mooremomentum1 Instagram: www.instagram.com/5corelife/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/mooremomentum/insights/?section=navOverview YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBnybi_zZquxqB9rZIP6Zw ---------------------------------------------------------------- Athletic Green's Special Offer to The Mindful Experiment Listeners To take advantage of the special offer they are having at Athletic Greens, click on the link below to get one year's worth of Vitamin D with your first order: www.AthleticGreens.com/mindful ----------------------------------------------------------------   Get Connected with Dr. Vic Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrVicManzo Instagram: www.Instagram.com/DrVicManzo LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/in/DrManzo Discord: https://discord.gg/7fgACzdNAd YouTube: Bit.Ly/38QULv91   One Free Week of Mindfulness with Dr. Vic https://bit.ly/3sGRvfg    Want to Master Life? https://empower-your-reality.mykajabi.com/life-mastery   Download the first 3 Chapters to Dr. Vic's New Book for FREE https://empower-your-reality.mykajabi.com/3-chapters-lead-generation-awitd   Looking for Coaching? https://www.empoweryourreality.com/one-on-one-coaching   Email DrVic@EmpowerYourReality.com  
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