30 minutes | Apr 28, 2021

EP#272 - The Program of the Mind

In this episode, I share with you methods of how the mind is programmed, how the masses are programmed, and how we usually believe opinions rather than sticking to the facts.   I will use the example of COVID and other methods on how this plays a role in perspective, your reality and so much more...   Tune in today and let us know what you think... ---------------------------------------------------------------- Athletic Greens Sponsor To take advantage of the special offer they are having at Athletic Greens, click on the link below to get one year's worth of Vitamin D with your first order: www.AthleticGreens.com/mindful ----------------------------------------------------------------   Get Connected with Dr. Vic Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrVicManzo Instagram: www.Instagram.com/DrVicManzo LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/in/DrManzo Discord: https://discord.gg/7fgACzdNAd YouTube: Bit.Ly/38QULv91   One Free Week of Mindfulness with Dr. Vic https://bit.ly/3sGRvfg    Want to Master Life? https://empower-your-reality.mykajabi.com/life-mastery   Download the first 3 Chapters to Dr. Vic's New Book for FREE https://empower-your-reality.mykajabi.com/3-chapters-lead-generation-awitd   Looking for Coaching? https://www.empoweryourreality.com/one-on-one-coaching   Email DrVic@EmpowerYourReality.com
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