18 minutes | Mar 24, 2021

EP#262 - What is Freedom?

As I continue to circle around this amazing sun that gives so much energy and opportunity for life to thrive, I ponder on what the word freedom means to me?

I have thought of it before in many contexts but in this episode, I will share how I see the word freedom and how I am looking to achieve it and truly believe we all are.

I truly believe freedom is our soul's birthright.

When we were a soul, we were free to do as we choose. God has given us Free Will.

But, when we become human, we are bound to this world for an experience and for something to give.

As much as that may not sound like fun, there is a sweetness to living as a human being that puts all of us on a spiritual journey to return back to who we are, which is freedom.

Tune in as I dive deeper into this concept and so much more!


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