52 minutes | Jul 2nd 2018

62: Dr. Taz Bhatia, M.D., On Low Energy, Unwanted Weight Gain (Or Loss) & Hormonal Imbalance

Dr. Tanzeem Bhatia, M.D., is a superwoman in her own right. She's not just an M.D.—she has functional medicine, integrative, and holistic physician training, and she's a certified nutritionist, acupuncturist, yoga teacher, and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. Whew! She might be one of the most qualified medical professionals to help women, as she's seen thousands through her practice and has noticed a few patterns in the way health issues present themselves. Her book, Superwoman Rx, speaks to her experience by demystifying common health problems women face—low energy, unwanted weight gain or loss, and hormone-related issues, to name a few—by breaking them down into five different archetypes. Dr. Taz has been part of the mindbodygreen family since the early days. She's a class instructor, part of mbg's Functional Nutrition Program, and a longtime contributor. In this podcast episode,

Dr. Taz and I discuss the reason we're facing a women's health crisis in the first place; how each of the five archetypes named in her book can start to take charge of their own health; what blood tests to run when going to your doctor; nuances about thyroid, gut, and metabolic health; the best herbs women can add to their diets; and much, much more.

One question Dr. Taz asks all of her patients is: Why are you trying to take control of your health? She believes that the answer will help clarify the right path for you and motivate you on your journey. If you're someone who has struggled with these issues, or know someone who has, if you prefer taking the more natural route with your body, if you're dealing with information overload, or could benefit from a detailed primer on women's holistic health and well-being, this episode is for you.

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