52 minutes | Jul 1, 2019

127: How To Release Tension & Align Your Body—With Lo Roxburgh

At mbg, we've long been interested in recovery techniques as part of a well-rounded fitness program and predicted that we’d see an even greater shift toward it in 2019. Lo Roxburgh, best-selling author and expert on fascia and alignment, joins mbg's Chief Content Officer, Olessa Pindak, on the mbgpodcast to talk about how she got started in movement medicine and let us in on the best ways to relieve tension.

Growing up, she was an All-American swimmer so understood the importance of taking care of her body. When her mother was diagnosed with Stage 5 breast cancer when she was 16, she took a step back and realized just how important the mind-body connection was.

She went on to get degrees in nutrition and physiology and certifications in structural integration, Pilates, and personal training. Now Lo works with clients to help them align their bodies and inner selves. Recovery is a not only a vital part of a fitness routine, it's also become part of our wellness conversation. Join in!

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