55 minutes | Apr 20th 2019

114: How To Produce Less Trash With Sophia Roe

Immediately upon entering the office to record the mbgpodcast, Sophia Roe is hugging everyone she meets. She radiates realness and positivity both IRL and on her Instagram, which is chock-full of food, beauty, and wellness tips. Though she started as a chef, Sophia is really a storyteller, whether the medium is food or words.

Her perspective today is born out of her childhood challenges growing up in the foster care system, not knowing her father before his death, and having a mother who struggles with drug addiction. Food was somewhat of an unexpected savior for her as she found work in the kitchen of a raw food restaurant to support herself and then worked as a private chef.

After finding out she had a cluster tumor on one of her ovaries and undergoing radiation, Sophia became interested in nutrition and healing herself from the inside out. She talks about being orthorexic for a period and explains how she finally found balance.

As she innovated with different ways of cooking that supported her health and the health of others, she became passionate about cooking seasonally with local foods and finding ways to reduce food waste.

In line with her wellness philosophy that centers around simplicity, she believes in small changes that make a big difference. She spoke to us about this and much more, so check out the full conversation. 

Her story and actionable advice will inspire you to find what works for you and create consistency in your wellness routines. You’ll want to listen to the whole episode to hear even more including tips for how to develop a rejuvenating morning routine and why journaling is the self-care practice to consider right away.

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