79 minutes | Feb 24th 2020

Ep 9: Graeme Moffat on Consumer Neurotechnology

Graeme Moffat is a neuroscientist working in the field of consumer neurotechnology.  At the time of this conversation, he was chief scientist at Interaxon who make the Muse product.  Muse is an EEG system designed to support meditation practice via auditory feedback.  During our conversation, we talk about the development of Muse and the  challenges encountered when designing an EEG system for the population at large.  We also discuss other issues related to consumer neurotechnology, such as interface design, lessons learned from big (EEG) data, and privacy.  We also chatted about how differences between working as an academic or as part of a commercial organisation, and how both sectors bring their own perspective to the development of neurotechnologies.