20 minutes | Jun 7, 2018

Mental Illness and School

In the time between the recording and the posting of Episode 18: Mental Illness and School, we have learned of the death of fashion designer, Kate Spade; Chef, Anthony Bourdain; and received the Centers for Disease Control's 2018 report on increased rates of suicide across the United States. George and my hearts weigh heavily with these news stories. We can't possibly imagine the extent of this lost potential and devastation for surviving loved ones and our community. As we reflect on the multiple stressors, barriers and issues facing people in their daily lives, George and I explore the intersection of mental illness and our educational system. I share a phenomena called "new tank syndrome" and its effect on students navigating new contexts, as they pursue their education. How can you assist a student who may be struggling? What resources do schools provide to support students with mental health challenges? 
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