32 minutes | Apr 23, 2019

Encouragement to start a new career.

Today I talk to kendal, Josh and william about what its like to leave a job that is paying you 40 hours a week for a career that has layoffs as a normal part of life. We discuss the quality of life, perks of travel, and a few good rerasons to make the life style change, to being union millwright.    I talk about what the pre trial apprentice progam does for you and the fact that it is a no obligation program that allows you try a new career with out totaling leaving your job right away. We here at 2158 we know it is a big decision to leave a job that pays every week for a career that will pay long after you have retired. This is one of the largest problems that people looking to become a millwright face, and 2158 gave them what they wanted, a way to "test drive" their new career!! Just another problem that local union 2158 has solved!
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