4 minutes | Aug 6, 2021

Midnight Bites Episode 4 - Cuban's Seem Ready to Fight the Socialist Lie

From The Wall Street Journal, July 11th. Headline, Cuban Protests Demand Freedom, Food, Covid-19 Vaccines. Thousands of Cubans flocked to the streets in Havana and at least 14 other towns throughout the Communist island in a wave of protests demanding an end to the 62-year dictatorship and denouncing a scarcity of food and Covid-19 immunizations. Well, we definitely believe in the freedom and food part.If you haven’t already, take just a second to click those Like and Subscribe buttons for us. You can find all our content links, exclusive discounts, and FREE STUFF! That’s Right FREE STUFF, by visiting MidnightPatriots.Bio.Link. From all of us here at the Midnight Patriots, Live Free, Resist 46 and Remember The Constitution is NOT just a suggestion. Find All Our Content Links, Exclusive Offers, and FREE STUFF!!  That's Right FREE STUFF. Quick and Easy.   Visit -> MidnightPatriots.Bio.LinkStand With Us Against Censorship! Donate Today - PayPal - BuyMeACoffee  or via CashApp @ $MidnightPatriotsSupport the show (https://cash.app/$MidnightPatriots)
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