41 minutes | Aug 27, 2017

Optimize Reading Retention – 112

Skim the material beforehand If you are familiar with the subject, or have prior knowledge that can be associated with the new knowledge, the new material will be retained more effectively. immerse yourself in the material. Don’t read with the TV on. Read with deliberate practice. Take notes repeat the material to remember better teach it to others, or prepare to teach it https://www.td.org/Publications/Blogs/Science-of-Learning-Blog/2015/03/Debunk-This-People-Remember-10-Percent-of-What-They-Read http://willthalheimer.typepad.com/files/how-much-do-people-forget-v12-14-2010-2.pdf http://www.brainrules.net/long-term-memory Those in multi-sensory environments always do better than those in uni-sensory environments. They have more recall with better resolution that lasts longer. I find that auditory lends itself better to storytelling and less so to lists. Visual is the master for techniques with details or diagrams with much detail or interrelation. Pictures are better than words alone, and videos are better than pictures. Example of a list style book is The Millionaire Next Door. Storytelling book example are any by Malcolm Gladwell. When I teach salsa, the students that do best are those who show up every week. Those who practice outside class are much better than those who only dance in class.
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