14 minutes | Aug 17, 2021

E29 Trouble Finding Clients?

How is owning a restaurant related to having a healing, coaching or consulting business? In so many ways! I actually believe that online entrepreneurs could learn so much from restaurant owners or brick-and-mortar retailers. In this episode, I discuss how you can change your perspective as an online entrepreneur and start creating clients following the principles of those entrepreneurs who have a physical presence. _______________ LINKS MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE:— Client Creation Workshop: https://miannah.com/clientworkshop/  OTHER FREE RESOURCES:— Client Creation Workbook:  https://miannah.com/clientworkbook/  — The Ultimate Blueprint for Creating a Business with Soul: https://miannah.com/blueprint/ — 7 Steps to Living Your Purpose: https://miannah.com/7steps/UPCOMING PROGRAMMES:— SoulBiz Lab Waitlist: https://miannah.com/soulbizlab/ABOUT ANNA   Anna Knapik is a transformational life & biz coach, a certified yoga teacher, master NLP and hypnosis practitioner, an intuitive healer, a business mentor for soulful entrepreneurs, world traveller and a location-independent, purpose-driven business owner. She’s the founder of Miannah, a dedicated space created for women globally craving more freedom, fulfilment, purpose and impact. A former corporate marketing executive turned world traveller and heart-centred freedom-based entrepreneur, Anna works with passionate female leaders and business owners to help them reconnect with their true essence and shine their brightest. ✨With travel to more than 50 countries under her belt, she blends Western teachings and Eastern wisdom to support passionate, purpose-driven women in creating a nourishing and meaningful life and career, or business, on their own terms. Welcome! CONNECT WITH ANNA  Email: hello@miannah.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annamiannah/ https://instagram.com/miannahtribe Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiannahTribe/ Website: https://miannah.com/ WORK WITH ANNA — Book a free chat with Anna: https://calendly.com/miannah/discovery — Life & Leadership Coaching Package: https://miannah.com/coaching/ — Business Coaching & Mentoring Package: https://miannah.com/lifebiz/  SHARE, SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW   If you like the podcast, hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss another show and leave me a review. If you enjoyed this episode and think that others will love it too, please share it and spread the goodness. If you have some feedback or questions about this episode, please leave a note in the comment section below or email me.
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