37 minutes | Oct 18, 2021

Ep. 5: The Dental Treatment Coordinator - What Should They Do?

A “Treatment Coordinator” is a common position in dental practices nowadays, but what is the job description? What should they be doing every day? And how can they help the practice increase collections and improve patient care?   Topics: How/when did Treatment Coordinators become a “thing” – 1:10 The job description – 4:52 The word “sales” in dentistry – 7:04 The “hand off” from the doctor to Treatment Coordinator – 10:10 Should the Treatment Coordinator be in the room when the doctor is presenting treatment? - 16:20 The day-to-day job duties – 19:30 Getting incomplete treatment accepted and done – 21:38 Measuring your Treatment Coordinator’s performance – 31:29 Training and becoming great at the job – 33:18   Links: The Dental Treatment Coordinator Training Course - https://ddssuccess.com/p/treatment-coordinator-training-course The MGE Communication & Sales Seminars - https://www.mgeonline.com/abc
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